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Favorite Movies: A Little Princess (1995)
"I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny, old attics. Even if they dress in rags. Even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princess, all of us. Didn’t your father ever tell you that?”


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I haven’t been able to do a lot of the things I’ve been wanting to do because I’ve made very new, drastic life decisions that have altered the path I thought I was supposed to be on. At first I was okay with the changes, because I thought studying more would move me forward. However, it turns out that I just feel even more suffocated.

I find that I do not write anymore. I used to write every day for as long as I could remember. Lately, the routine has just been, study, work, ultimate frisbee. It’s infuriating because I can’t seem to get out of this rut, I don’t exactly see where my studying is going to take me. I feel pretty confident in my abilities; hopefully, anyway, because GREs are on Friday. I found inspiration from my life, but right now there is none. I only write this out of the sheer agony of being so damn bored, which has thus “inspired” me, for the lack of a better term. 

The point is very simple, I feel lost, confused, and bottomless. What I mean by bottomlessness is that this rut that I’m in only seems to get further, deeper, and more infinite than anything I’ll ever understand. It is maddening and I feel like it’s eating at little pieces of me, like a intermittent proclivity. What is happening to me? This sounds a lot more depressing than I mean for it to be; it’s not supposed to be depressing. I’m mostly banking on this being a wake up call for me. Maybe if I write, even about this, I won’t feel so trapped in my own body. It’s nice because it’s not as though I’m spilling my secrets out to a specific anybody. I’m spewing generalistic information that perhaps people can relate to. Then, maybe I won’t feel so alone.

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Tiny Detectives with Kate Mara and Ellen Page.

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danse macabre… Soon… @thinkspace_art #coloredpencils #moleskine #dansemacabre #immune by marcomazzoniart


danse macabre… Soon… @thinkspace_art #coloredpencils #moleskine #dansemacabre #immune by marcomazzoniart

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this is the best gif EVER


this is the best gif EVER

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